Relax Paper Opercule Cups

Relax Paper Opercule Cups by Sotoco, the easiest way to serve a drink !

Since 2008, Sotoco is the specialist of the travel catering beverages with its patented Relax Paper Opercule Cups, the coffee shop on the go. A large choice of well-known brands beverages gives you the perfect opportunity to improve profitability, by easily making available premium hot drinks to your customers.

The Relax paper opercule cup : practical, profitable, and sustainable

  • The easiest way : full flavour in a snap, just pull and add hot water !
  • Perfect stackability for extreme space saving  & optimal logistic convenience (uses up to 3 times less space than conventional opercule cups)
  • High quality & durable paper cup, with an attractive travel theme design for an enhanced customer experience
  • World-class brands : Nestlé, Jacobs, Douwe Egberts, Segafredo, Van Houten... 
  • Complete range of coffee shop menu beverages in various sizes

Easy-to-use : the Relax Paper Opercule Cup by Sotoco

Quick & simple, with a minimum stockage space. Just pull the opercule, add hot water and your drink is ready !

Relax paper opercule cup system

A first class choice of branded hot drinks

Take off, fly high : from now on, you can excite your passengers with new brands and flavours – anywhere, anytime and with the benefits of the opercule cup by Sotoco. Well-known brands are now available in Relax opercule cups.

Jacobs & Douwe Egberts coffees & Cocoa Fantasy

The Relax opercule cup by Sotoco allows premium products of JDE Professional to unfold their exceptional flavours without compromise. Cater for all tastes with a delicious range of Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate options.

Jacobs and Douwe Egberts coffees and cocoas

Nestlé coffees & hot beverages (chocolate & tea)

Delicious and ready for take-off : the Nestlé Professional brands are available in Relax paper opercule cups.

Nestlé coffees and hot beverages

Relax & Sotoco, who are we ?

SOTOCO has been created in 1970 and was at that time only a local vending machines operator. Since 50 years we are innovating in the beverage market, especially with our brand for travel catering, Relax paper opercule cups.

In 1988, Sotoco begins to manufacture in-cups and vending machines for in-cups. We were the only French manufacturer of vending machines who distributed its products on the entire French territory.

In 1996, SOTOCO launches a new concept which is the RELAX mobile trolley for breakfast, that distributes in-cups and hot water.

In 1999, SOTOCO launches a new product for supermarket chains : "Spoonty" is the trade mark of a product replacing the usual tea bag. It is a little spoon filed with tea leaves, covered by a filter and a film. "Spoonty" filters tea, is used as a spoon, does not drip any more (like tea bags) and preserves the full flavour right up to your cup.

In 2002, SOTOCO won the innovation price at the DA vending expo in Paris, with his all automatic vending machine for incups "TWIST". This machine has a new technology patterned by SOTOCO which give you an exceptional quality of drink.

In 2008, Sotoco manufacture a paper opercule cups (world patent), for catering.

In 2020, SOTOCO Group represents 70 people and 9,5 million euros of turnover, using 12 000 square meters of buildings.

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